Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

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Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

Certificate III in Warehousing Operations


The warehousing industry is key activity in any supply chain. The College specialises in warehousing and distribution training. The course codes and titles have changed with the introduction of the 2010 Training Package. We offer the following courses. The most common course is the Certificate III.

  • TLI21616 – Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
  • TLI31616 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
  • TLI41816 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

Each course has core and elective units to be studied. Government funding may be available for some or all of these courses depending on your place of residence and government requirements. Flyers can be downloaded from links below.

This is a very popular course for persons working in the warehousing industry. You will need to complete 2 core units and 16 elective units to receive a qualification. The units in a Certificate III course are different to those in a Certificate II course. You are enable to enrol directly into a Certificate III course without completing a Certificate II course.

For more information, download the course brochure here.

To book, contact student administration on 07-3375-9933 or email admin@colofwhousing.edu.au to book and pay for your course.